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Jueves 06 de Agosto de 2015 17:30

Stage Two


por  Michael Weinstein

Stage Two was one of my first aircraft from a square. Squares are very short rectangles, so designing an aircraft that actually flies has an extra challenge, since sufficient weight has to be compacted in the front to drive the center of gravity in front of the center of lift, but preserve enough lifting surface. I thought Stage 2 was a good solution.

Happy landings to all.

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  • Enlace comentario Gerardo Lunes 10 de Agosto de 2015 03:13 Publicado por Gerardo

    Michael, thank your for the entries for both models and the diagrams. They look great!

    Could you do us a favor? Could you please add at least a short parragraph, in the content field, for each model saying something about each one? It's important : )

    Thanks in advance!

  • Enlace comentario Naty Nefesh Martes 11 de Agosto de 2015 03:05 Publicado por Naty Nefesh

    I agree with Gerardo we want to know details of your model. :)

  • Enlace comentario reneeraeyeh Martes 11 de Agosto de 2015 03:45 Publicado por reneeraeyeh

    This is cool! Thanks for sharing your diagram and indeed an impressive drawing!

  • Enlace comentario Kayla Bickmore Jueves 05 de Marzo de 2020 12:47 Publicado por Kayla Bickmore

    How can I become a member?

  • Enlace comentario mikekh63 Viernes 06 de Marzo de 2020 20:53 Publicado por mikekh63

    Why would you want to be a member of a completely dead and abandoned site?

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