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Children categories

Animals (411)

Models of animals including dinosaurs.

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Fan art (49)

Models of characters or other elements from media like tv or comic books for example.

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Fiction (73)

Made-up creatures and artifacts like dragons or robots for instance.

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Geometric & Abstract (50)

This category includes tessellations and modular models.

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Human figure (56)

Any model of a human being.

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Objects (107)

Models of inanimated objects, including vehicles and furniture among others.

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Plants & Flowers (45)

Plantae models, like a tree, plant, flower, leaf...

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Toys & Games (20)

Models you can play with like puzzles or jumping and flying figures.

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Useful models (105)

Models with a practical use like boxes and envelopes among others.

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Others (58)

Models that don't fit in any of the other categories.

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