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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 03:25


by  Vitzkap

Este es uno de mis modelos favoritos y durante mucho tiempo no quise compartirlo. Es bastante especial ya que fue mi primer modelo de acción que diseñé aparte de que me desestresa como ninguna otra cosa.

El modelo surge de un rectángulo que es dividido en 8 o 9 partes iguales con unos rombos en medio dando lugar a una especie de L. de manera muy simple se atoran para dar lugar a los tentáculos y el cuerpo como tal.

Additional Info

  • Creation date*: 2012
  • Base or Technic: Box Pleating
  • Complexity: Low intermediate
  • In a book or magazine?: No

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  • Comment Link mikekh63 Tuesday, 28 April 2015 07:16 posted by mikekh63

    But you're not really sharing, now are you?
    You are just showing a picture and a video
    of it. Sharing would be if you gave us some
    diagrams to fold it for ourselves. Oh, very
    nice model, by the way.

  • Comment Link Gerardo Tuesday, 28 April 2015 12:10 posted by Gerardo

    Hey mikekh63. It's great to read you around here once again. I know what you mean, I think it would be awesome if Vitzkap showed as how to fold his Jellyfish. It's just another level of sharing if you ask me; he made something public and that can be the beginning of something. Know what I mean? Like someone else might see the video and get inspired to create a different action model. That's pretty much the idea behind the blog, as you know : )

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts =P

  • Comment Link Gerardo Wednesday, 29 April 2015 12:04 posted by Gerardo

    Felicitaciones Vitzkap. Es un modelo muy divertido : ). ¡Está perfecto como para hacer una obra de títeres en origami! ¿Y por qué no querías compartirlo?

  • Comment Link Vitzkap Sunday, 10 May 2015 19:18 posted by Vitzkap

    mikekh63 I'm glad you like the model, and as Gerardo says, I made public only this model. in the future I will show as folding.

    Gracias Gerardo! Es un modelo muy personal para mi, de esos pequeños tesoros que no quieres que nadie más sepa, por eso.

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