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NEORIGAMI ISN'T WORKING ANYMORE. Its plataform is outdated and that made it problematic. I would have to redo everything in a new platform but I don't have the time. You can take a look at what it used to be, knowing that most of it simply isn't working.

Blog of creators, of any style and level, of the majestic art of origami

Neorigami is a blog especially thought for creators of their own models. Any creator, no matter what style or level, can employ this blog; creating an account is enough to dispose of it.

Here any creator can present the models he or she wishes, and as many and for as long as he or she wants. As a creator, you can do it by uploading one or more pictures of the figure, but you can also include a video by embedding it from another website. And if you wish, you can show how to fold your model, by uploading a PDF file, or once again, embedding a video with the steps.

But besides presenting models, creators with an account can write and post articles of interest to the origami community. It all depends on what you think you can contribute that�s of interest to other creators or to the rest of the paper folding art lovers.

The goal is for creators and lovers of this art to present and get to know new models, but most of all, for everyone to learn a little more from sharing our projects, ideas, and opinions.


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