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Martes 24 de Diciembre de 2013 06:40

Folly With Froebel – An Origami Patchwork Star


por  KDianne Stephens

These are so much fun!! Originally from Pennsylvania USA, while growing up I often stayed with an Amish family in Lancaster County. Known around the world for their patchwork quilts, their patterns have long been a part of my life. Folly with Froebel really brings patchwork into origami for me. Developing further folds to the Froebel Star coupled with using sized, often of different colors, strips folded in for various sections of the model, Folly With Froebel has virtually limitless combinations for folding. So Froebelian!!!! Folly With Froebel is truly an Origami Patchwork Star.

Although it is thought the Froebel Star was not actually invented by Froebel (History - ) , I am pondering if Froebel, in his encouragement of creativity (#3 Folds of Beauty in David Lister’s “Friedrich Froebel” ), prepared newly sized paper strips that, as we have noticed, are far longer than necessary to complete the standard Froebel Star.

Did Froebel have in mind this one last layer of folds? Did he leave the “excess” to lead his students to expand their creativity?

Considering Froebel was of German mind, it would make little sense that he would leave willy nilly what was the excess paper for?? Unlikely, he would leave excess just for the luxury of a long unnecessary lead point for weaving the strips of paper. The German mind is known for precision. Add German culture to Froebel being a mathematician, and his bent on mentoring leads me to to conclude Froebel had this last layer in mind all along.

One last note...Froebel’s ratio for the star is 1:25 – perfectly completes the additional layer to the excess and a perfect .25(x) that can be folded initially for the lead point to thread the strips and is the final tuck of the model!

Of course, this not a question that can be definitively answered, but insight into Froebel leads me to conclude this last layer is actually by design, consistent with his method of inciting creativity.eal possibility. Such fun to ponder!

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Informacion Adicional

  • Fecha de creación*: 2013
  • Base o Técnica: Froebel star

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