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Miércoles 31 de Agosto de 2011 09:20

pelican (diagrams)


por  joshuaorigami

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  • Enlace comentario joshuaorigami Miércoles 31 de Agosto de 2011 09:26 Publicado por joshuaorigami

    the diagrams don't show up....
    well, here's a link :

  • Enlace comentario Gerardo Miércoles 31 de Agosto de 2011 14:53 Publicado por Gerardo

    Your pelican =D... great! How much do the diagrams weight? In what format are they? They must be a PDF file and weight less than 500kb to get attached. Check that out and let me know, ok?

  • Enlace comentario leidygra Miércoles 31 de Agosto de 2011 15:27 Publicado por leidygra

    que bueno!! llevo mucho tiempo intentando crear un buen pelicano;)

  • Enlace comentario gusorigami Sábado 10 de Noviembre de 2012 18:44 Publicado por gusorigami

    Gracias por los aportes que hacis al mundo del origami.

  • Enlace comentario DC Viernes 14 de Febrero de 2014 13:23 Publicado por DC

    No link and link listed prio is broken, please fix it, thank you.

  • Enlace comentario Gerardo Viernes 14 de Febrero de 2014 14:15 Publicado por Gerardo

    I'll send joshuaorigami a message DC, but the truth is I haven't heard from him in a long time. Let's hope he answers back : )

  • Enlace comentario Magic Fingaz Sábado 15 de Febrero de 2014 00:06 Publicado por Magic Fingaz

    Diagram video : (

  • Enlace comentario mikekh Sábado 15 de Febrero de 2014 23:45 Publicado por mikekh

    I have the pdf diagrams for the pelican
    if Gerardo wants me to send them to him
    to post.

  • Enlace comentario Gabe Domingo 16 de Febrero de 2014 07:02 Publicado por Gabe

    Mike please send me a copy, I work with kids at a hospital and they always want new models to play with, boys love planes Dino's and birds, girls hello kitty !!! My email is, and thank you in advance !!!

  • Enlace comentario Gerardo Lunes 17 de Febrero de 2014 02:41 Publicado por Gerardo

    mikekh, I can't upload the diagrams. For one thing, the system only allows the author -joshuaorigami in this case- to edit the entry. For another, I consider that the ethical thing to do is not to edit other people's entries. I hope everyone understands.

    If there's someone that wants to help, then please help me try to contact joshuaorigami. I sent him the message but he hasn't replied.

    Besides mikekh's copy of the diagrams, Magic Fingaz shared right here a comment with a link to an instructional video of the Pelican, which was done by Tadachi Mori. That way, everyone can fold it : )

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