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Domingo 11 de Agosto de 2013 21:59

Origami Teaching Tips

por  KDianne Stephens
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Many may be familiar with the importance of meeting Learning and Productivity styles, so I simply share that my experience has shown me that working with the learning styles of students is the key to success in any endeavor...Origami included! For years I presented on the topic, and actively used the concepts in my teaching in traditional and special education classrooms, with math, music and Origami. In my second career as a professional counselor, I found the ideas are equally important in helping other to help themselves.

Rita and Ken Dunn pioneered the field of Learning and Productivity Styles for us. I studied under their tutelage and express they are wonderfully brilliant scholars and presented me with an excellent experience!! Should you not have the basic overview quickly available, I have enclosed a copy. Keeping in mind that students can be greatly impacted by the “elements” – to the point of not being able to learn and produce, I hope this is a helpful refreshment for all of us.

One specific thing I have noticed...whether is it math, music or Origami...many (not all) students arrive being lost in the numbers...the music notation...or the Origami folds...all of which are merely a means to the end. A simple, global approach can move the student away from the granular detail, that in the long run, the student himself will refine. Silent folding, following along with no diagram, offers one way to enjoy and begin with Origami from a more global/right brained approach, adding in the language, detail and logic later.

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