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Viernes 04 de Agosto de 2017 16:26


por  Gerardo
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I know I've had pretty abandoned the collaborative blog. I currently have a half-made new version of the whole blog but I haven't had the time to finish it; it's still my plan though. Now, in exactly one week it'll be Neorigami's sixth anniversary. We usually celebrate by posting a good number of original models and articles. I haven't organized that for this year because I'm getting married on that very day: August 11th. Having everything ready for my wedding has been quite complicated so that's why I'm cancelling this year's celebration.

Hope you guys can understand : (

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  • Enlace comentario mikekh63 Lunes 08 de Enero de 2018 10:26 Publicado por mikekh63

    Is your honeymoon over yet. Are you going to get back to the forum or are you just quitting on it? I mean, if you're done with it, then just close it. There's no need to keep it open when nothing new ever happens in here anymore.

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